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Criminal Prosecution Services


Conduct of Criminal cases including

  • Representation in and prosecution of criminal cases
  • criminal appeals, against acquittal or conviction and applications of enhancement of sentences and convictions
Advice to Departments on issues relating to prosecution of criminal cases
Filing and defending criminal cases involving Government
All matters connected with Prosecution establishment, Prosecuting Officers and administration including the powers and functions relating to prosecution of criminal cases as provided in the Police Order, 2002 and Sindh Criminal Prosecution Service (Constitution, Functions and Powers) Ordinance, 2006
Criminal law and Criminal Procedure relating to investigation and Prosecution
Defence of paper accused in Courts and fees to the pleaders for such defense
Appointments and terms and conditions and transfer of the Prosecutors as defined in the Ordinance other than those entrusted to the Services, General Administration and Coordination Department appointment of Public Prosecutors and their fees in criminal cases